Mar 172011

Giant Bicycles issued a CPSC Safety Recall on some 2011 Giant Anthem 29ers saying that “about 370 frames can crack at the junction of the seat post and top tube, posing a fall hazard to riders.” This was posted 11/10, but there are still frames unaccounted for. Info at

Giant is a quality company and the Anthem 29er is a great bike for getting oneself deep into the wilderness. Unfortunately, this case shows how pushing the limits of construction can lead to design flaws that can and do put mountain bikers in bad situations.

It seems my nastiest crashes have been the result of mechanical failure. In crashes I’ve “earned” there is usually some anticipation, a “plan B” and a hope for some control over how things unfold. Catastrophic mechanical failures scare me because they can just slap you on the ground with no warning. Suddenly you’re on the ground asking “WTF”, “can I still move my fingers and toes” and “how do I get out of here?”


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