Hi, I’m Ken Ward, life long adventure cyclist and former Firefighter/Medic, ski patroller, mountaineering guide and Mountain Rescue member in Colorado, California and Oregon.

In 1967 when I was a first grader the local mom’s freaked out that my mom made me ride my bike to school in a snow storms. My mom replied “you try stopping him!” When I was eight, my mom freaked out when she saw me about 12 miles from home on my bike.

I was hooked on adventure cycling, but had no clue how to do it and made lots of mistakes. I did everything wrong until there was nothing left but the right way.

Mountain Bike Survival is just an extension of my desire to help. I hope I can help you better enjoy your mountain bike life.

Sincerely,  Ken Ward

Me, Lexington KY to Aspen CO, '82


Me, First mountain bike, Snowmass CO, '83

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