Feb 152011

Mountain biker rescues skyrocket!

Mountain bikers are generally not aware that rescue agencies are reporting an alarming increase in mountain biker rescues over recent years. On average, the injuries are worse, the distance is greater, the terrain is more challenging and they are among the least prepared. Ouch!

Here are important insights from a rescuer’s perspective;

1. Mountain bikes quickly get large numbers of people into difficult and dangerous rescue situations.

2. Nearly all victims did not recognize and respect the risk(s).

3. Most victims are good at their sport, but poorly prepared for Murphy’s Law.

4. Most rescues can be easily prevented with basic awareness and preparation and by a cool head.

As a mountain biker since 1982 and former rescuer I’m inspired to create this site to help us all prepare for, avoid and survive all of the bad things that often happen to good people on mountain bikes in the wilderness.

Mountain Bike Survival is focused on the basic things we think, carry and do routinely that help us the most in a short term survival situation.

Mountain bikers form a great community. We’re mostly earth friendly, health oriented, eager, go getters who like to work and play hard. For all users, we’re help with land preservation, use and access issues, We build trails. We donate to causes like IMBA. We’re a good bunch. Which is why I wanted to know we are placing an unnecessary strain on rescue services. I believe we have good intentions, but we need to be safer and smarter. It help each of us stay out of trouble and all of protect trail access.

Please help me build this site into a resource that can make a real difference by contributing your survival insights and passing us along to your mountain biking friends.

Sincerely,  Ken Ward,  Ashland OR